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I am just beginning to set up my business. Both meetings I have attended have been pack[ed] with information that I need to know.
Ana B

By creating events IRROC provides a great place to expand my network and learn from investors and others in the industry.
David C

I always meet someone that can help me to become successful in my business each meeting I attend. Thanks Brad.
Nina T

Great group source for info on talks and networking also pulse of investing game.
John K

Brad, thank you for your time, fairness and honesty. It’s refreshing in today’s world.
Ian F

It was great and looking forward to next meeting, thanks you for putting it on.
Darrell W

I have been attending for a year and have been impressed by the caliber of speaking talent as well as the broad range of topics which are covered. Kudos to your team!
Dale J

This was my first monthly meeting. It exceeded my expectations. Got to meet people and received practical information [on] real estate web marketing, which I enjoyed.
David N

I am a new and aspiring investor. In the past, generating capital had been a struggle. Thanks to IRROC, I have met and spoken with people who have been influential in my ability to invest with little to no capital at all.
Crystal B

First time meeting, but very well attended compared to other REI meetings in town.
Bill D

Thank you for providing everybody this opportunity. I look forward to future meetings and will be referring like-minded individuals to attend as well.
Paul G

I am happy I found out about IRROC. It is a valuable resource, especially for me since I am new to real estate investing.
David H

I also would like to thank you for the education that you provide for us. I am a fairly new investor and have invested a lot of money in education but have not been able to put together a deal yet. I am very impressed with the alternatives that you offer to your members for no fee.
Marlene D

Brad, I wanted to thank you for speaking last night and your efforts on the monthly meeting. Your feel good stories make me feel good and if we could all be more like you, then the world would be a better place. Keep up the good work in giving back to the community and have a great 2019!!
Frank B

I get as much content from this free club as I do from the ones I pay for.
Mark H

I want to thank you for holding this meeting. It was very helpful and exciting to find an investment club that I am excited to join.

I have lived in Colorado for almost a year and in that time period my interest in real estate investing has grown tremendously, my world expanded. I have read several books by Robert Kyosoki, educated myself on note brokering and attended seminars. But, it wasn’t until this evening that I feel I found what I’ve been looking for…knowledgeable people who are interested in their IRROC attendees success. I’ve been to a few meetings in Colorado and I felt the most comfortable with yours.

I look forward to joining IRROC, learning, networking and increasing my cash flow.

Once again thank you for the time you spent this evening. It was greatly appreciated and I look forward to attending next month’s meeting!

Gage E

I’ve got to say that you guys are a breath of fresh air to me. 2 months ago when you both stood up and showed how you did 9 deals in December…exactly how you did them and shared that information with all of us. I was blown away. That spirit of networking and sharing is contagious and I really appreciate you both. I look forward to the next meeting. Keep up the good work!
Steve M

Hey Brad, another GREAT meeting last night. An excellent way to start off 2016 and get moving on financial goals … I’m all about having FUN with real estate investing, and that’s why we’ve continued to attend IRROC for 2 years now. IRROC has positively affected our business by #1 regularly making great connections in this small town of ours, #2 outstanding continuing education, and #3 remaining consistent by doing what it takes to continue to show up month after month whenever possible. Brad Podhajsky is down-to-earth, genuine, and extremely knowledgeable. We’re grateful for this outstanding networking educational meeting and regularly recommend IRROC
David and Lorie G.

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