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Below is a calendar of our upcoming events. Our monthly meetings and workshops cover a wide spectrum of topics related to real estate transactions such as:

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March Virtual IRROC Meeting
Mar 4 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Creating Successful Deals with Wrap Lending

Are you limiting your returns to market interest rates?
Think you can’t be a lender just because you don’t have a lot of capital on hand?
Think again –
With Wrap Loans you can create exciting returns for yourself while helping other real estate investors reach their own profit goals!
Get in on the big deals with little dollars. Learn how to become a lender using a small amount of money that will generate large returns! Any knowledgeable real estate investor can invest in these deals. Dorsie will show you multiple real-life examples of Wrap Loans that she has funded that returned her very nice profits. You can use these deal structures as templates to create your own Wrap Loan opportunities and generate returns of up to 10% to 300+% !!!
Does this sound too good to be true? Dorsie promises to walk you through a deal where she generated over a 300% return and that’s with minimal work and time invested!
Listen in to discover a strategy that many experienced Real Estate Investors are using to diversify their portfolio and aggressively grow their accounts!
Dorsie will cover:
  • What is a Wrap Mortgage?
  • How to structure your own Wrap Loan Deals- Whether you are the lender or the borrower
  • Overview of documents involved in a Wrap Loan
  • Real life examples of Wrap Loans
PLUS Dorsie will show you how you can use the strategy of Wrap Lending to create exceptional tax-free returns for your retirement using the Solo 401k and Roth IRA.

About Dorsie:

Dorsie Boddiford Kuni is a full-time real estate investor in the Atlanta area. She began her real estate career by building a business out of flipping houses while striving towards financial freedom with investments. Dorsie’s investments also include a focus on wealth building through retirement accounts as expressed in her book “The Solo 401k: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to a Powerful Pension Plan” Dorsie has also spoken locally and nationally on such topics as well as on Renovation and Flip Deals, Basic Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Investor, and Creative Deal structuring.


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