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Below is a calendar of our upcoming events. Our monthly meetings and workshops cover a wide spectrum of topics related to real estate transactions such as:
Asset Protection
Getting Started
Land Lording
Buying & Selling
Short Sales
Lease Options
Qualifying Buyers
March Virtual IRROC Meeting
Mar 7 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Networking and Q & A Session

For this month’s meeting on March 7th, we will be continuing a Networking format to exchange ideas, knowledge, market intelligence.

Last month we had a great mix of experienced investors to newbies and the best part is that everyone contributed and everyone benefited! I learned a lot and from the feedback I received, I know the others on the call did as well!

I invite you to join us for this great opportunity to tap into a knowledge base of other investors to share deal structure, deals, resources, etc… Feel free to bring deals you are working on, deals to promote to the group, questions you have, and if you are an experienced investor, knowledge to share!

I will be sharing what I am seeing in the market, update you on several deals I am working on, and I hope to hear what you are working on as well. Realtors, we want to hear from you too!!

Meeting is free and only takes about 30 seconds to register below….


About Brad:

Brad Podhajsky is the President of Investor’s Realty Resource of Colorado (IRROC), one of the largest and fastest growing real estate investment clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region. Brad is well known for his creative deal structuring, real estate notes and turn-key properties.


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