June 8, 2023 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Tax Strategies Of The Rich

Join us on June 8th where Bruce Mack with Platinum Trust Group will reveal how you can protect yourself financially in today’s troubled and litigious times.

In today’s real estate market, the only constant is volatile change…Your business is in a constant state of flux. Yet there is one thing that’s not changing….Uncle Sam is still demanding his tax payments on your rental income and capital gains from your REI business.

There is a new explosion of lawsuits that are already rearing their ugly head because people are getting desperate! LLCs don’t protect you, in fact over 46% of the time when litigated the corporate veil is pierced. However, Bruce is going to show you a superior solution to keep you lien, levy and judgment proof.

On this upcoming, MUST attend, LIVE webinar for your REI BUSINESS SURVIVAL, you’re going to get the solutions to both problems (you will be amazed at how simple the solution is!)…

Join me and my good friend, Licensed Financial Advisor Bruce Mack, for this LIVE Webinar.

Make sure you stay until the end of the webinar! Bruce will tell you how you can get a complimentary one on one consultation ($250 value) just for attending the webinar!

P.S.: Join us for this LIVE webinar and learn if you qualify to defer 78% to 90% or more of your tax burden in perpetuity … LEGALLY, and without having to move to another country to do so!

About Bruce:

Bruce Mack is the owner and founder of Platinum Trust Group. As a licensed financial advisor Trust expert, Bruce empowers business owners with tax mitigation of 78% to over 90% and bulletproof asset protection. He’s especially passionate about educating clients on these asset protection and tax mitigation Trust topics and how LLCs and 1031s put you at high risk from the IRS and lawsuits


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