December 2, 2021 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Lending From Your Self-Directed Retirement Account

Join us on December 2nd as we invite attorney and real estate investor, Jeffery S. Watson, to talk about the basic fundamentals of doing self-directed IRA lending the correct way.
The best time to learn about SDIRA investing is before you do it. The next best time is before your next investment! 
During his presentation you’ll learn:
  • The unique rules to self-directed retirement accounts
  • How to keep yourself within the safety margins of the IRS rules
  • How, when properly done, SDIRA lending empowers YOU, the account holder to grow your wealth tax free while assisting investors in benefitting the community
  • And much more!
Don’t miss out!


About Jeff:

Jeffery S. Watson is an Ohio attorney who has had an active trial and hearing practice since 1991.  Jeff has also been a real estate investor since 1994, investing in both residential and commercial properties.  He currently represents established real estate investors in commercial and residential matters when the transactions involve self-directed retirement accounts.  He has become recognized as a thought leader and teacher in the field of real estate investing, self-directed retirement account transactions and wealth protection.

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