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What is a Property Locator?

Quite simply a Real Estate Property Locator (also known as a “Bird Dog”) finds properties for an experienced real estate investor.  By locating property leads and turning them over to an experienced investor, the Property Locator flushes out an opportunity and the experienced real estate investor works to create a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for the seller…the investor…and the Property Locator.

Why would I want to do this?

First, you can make quick cash when a transaction closes and the more properties you submit into our system the more chances you have to make money.

Second, you can get alongside an experienced investor and learn how to do it for yourself and make even more money.

Where Do I Find Leads?

Talk to people!

If you sign up for to become a Property Locator, you get the free eBook.  And, there’s a large section of information that explains property leads that will provide you great ideas and methods for finding them.

Receive the IRROC Property Locator eBook.  It’s a $79 value, but you can get it for FREE by signing up now!

Free Report - Bird Dog

  • Please tell us what experience do you have in real estate. Why would you like to become a property locator and what do you hope to accomplish?

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